pathetic loser

[PL = Pathetic Loser]

Not mutually exclusive…

The Romantic PL – Remembers a stripper’s birthday and shows up with a box of chocolates. “Let me take you away from all this” (not realizing she’s in her element at the club).

The Frugal PL – Will go out of his way to save $5 on parking, only to spend $700 once inside the club. Will try to talk a dancer down on her prices.

The High Roller PL – Goes into a club to get his ego stroked (as opposed to other things). Is not there to buy “extras”, but would rather be seen throwing money over a dancer’s head.

The Perv PL – Asks a dancer to pee into his champagne glass for a cool C Note. Gets his fetish stroked inside the club, which includes talking dirty to the dancers.

The Boyfriend PL – She told me I was more than “just a customer”. I paid for her boob job because it would help her make more money.

The Catfight PL – “By the way, dancer Jade told me you have a black boyfriend who cheats on you …”

The Regular PL – “How did all these people get in my club?” “I need to write a trip report about tonight…”

The Shill PL – “You won’t believe it, but many of you will find that your ATF Skylar Hayes came back tonight”; “The club’s prices are quite reasonable, everything considered…”

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