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ThaiGirl> Hello ka
HornyGuy> Hi
ThaiGirl> i from Thailand
HornyGuy> I know that, stupid
ThaiGirl> sorry honey
ThaiGirl> u want talk with me?
HornyGuy> Why should I?
ThaiGirl> forget it mai pen rai
HornyGuy> Hey wait a minute
ThaiGirl> what?
HornyGuy> Sorry I’m just a bit paranoid.
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> I ‘think too much’
ThaiGirl> why honey?
HornyGuy> I’m hiding from the cops
HornyGuy> The boys in brown
ThaiGirl> LOL
HornyGuy> Don’t fucking laugh at me
HornyGuy> It’s no joke
ThaiGirl> what u do?
HornyGuy> You don’t want to know
ThaiGirl> i do
ThaiGirl> pleeeeeease honey na na na
HornyGuy> I fucked an elephant
HornyGuy> Hello?
ThaiGirl> u crazy guy baa
HornyGuy> Send me your photo
ThaiGirl> why?
HornyGuy> So I know you aren’t a cop
ThaiGirl> i no cop
HornyGuy> Then send me your photo
HornyGuy> Hello?
ThaiGirl> i no want send u i no beautiful
HornyGuy> Most cops aren’t
ThaiGirl> I NO COP!!!
HornyGuy> Then send me your photo
HornyGuy> Hurry up
ThaiGirl> i no want send
HornyGuy> Fuck you, cop
HornyGuy> Then send it
ThaiGirl> ok what u email?
HornyGuy> Just send it here
ThaiGirl> ok *PIC*
Thaigirl> u get?
HornyGuy> Just a second
Thaigirl> my friend take it last year
ThaiGirl> i lose my kilo now
HornyGuy> I hope so
ThaiGirl> ?!?!?!
ThaiGirl> why u speak bad?
HornyGuy> Did I hurt your feelings?
ThaiGirl> yes
ThaiGirl> i no lose kilo too much
HornyGuy> Will you feel better if you see mine?
ThaiGirl> yes
HornyGuy> Hang on
HornyGuy> Here it is *PIC*
ThaiGirl> this no u!!!
HornyGuy> Yes it is
ThaiGirl> profile pic no same same
HornyGuy> The profile photo is a fake
HornyGuy> I use it to fool the cops
ThaiGirl> u baby face guy
HornyGuy> You’re so fat you need an aerial photo
ThaiGirl> go fuck yourself
HornyGuy> I was going to until I saw your photo
HornyGuy> I’ll never get a hard-on again
ThaiGirl> why u speak bad too much?
ThaiGirl> i no should send photo before
ThaiGirl> why u hurt me?
HornyGuy> So you think baby-face doesn’t hurt me?
ThaiGirl> i think u lie
HornyGuy> I think you have your own ZIP code
ThaiGirl> u bad guy jai rai
ThaiGirl> people joking me all my life
HornyGuy> Ok, I’m sorry
ThaiGirl> u no sorry
HornyGuy> You’re right, I’m not
ThaiGirl> u boring now
HornyGuy> Aww, I’m sorry
ThaiGirl> i put u on ignore
HornyGuy> Wait a second
HornyGuy> We got off on the wrong foot
HornyGuy> Wanna start over?
ThaiGirl> no
HornyGuy> I’ll eat your pussy
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> You heard me
HornyGuy> I said I’d eat your pussy
ThaiGirl> but u little brother no hard
HornyGuy> Do I need a hard-on to eat your pussy?
ThaiGirl> i want u horny
HornyGuy> Well I’m not like most guys
HornyGuy> I get turned-on in other ways
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> Do you really want to know?
HornyGuy> You have to tell me yes or no
ThaiGirl> i no sure
HornyGuy> Why?
ThaiGirl> because
HornyGuy> Because why?
ThaiGirl> u boom boom elephant
ThaiGirl> u say i fat
ThaiGirl> now u want eat my pussy
ThaiGirl> u strange na?
HornyGuy> No
ThaiGirl> i think u strange guy
HornyGuy> Fine
HornyGuy> I won’t do it then
ThaiGirl> i no say that
HornyGuy> So is that a yes?
ThaiGirl> i think so
HornyGuy> Ok
HornyGuy> I need your help getting excited though
HornyGuy> Are you willing?
ThaiGirl> what u want me do?
HornyGuy> I need you to talk like a pirate
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> That’s a ‘jon sala’ to you
HornyGuy> When I start to go limp… you say HARRRR!!!
HornyGuy> Ok?
HornyGuy> Hello?
ThaiGirl> u no serious!
HornyGuy> Oh yes I am
HornyGuy> It’s my fantasy
ThaiGirl> u crazy guy jing jing!!!
HornyGuy> Do you want it or not?
ThaiGirl> i want
HornyGuy> Then you’ll do it for me?
ThaiGirl> ka
HornyGuy> Ok here we go
HornyGuy> I gently remove your panties
HornyGuy> and I begin to massage your thighs
HornyGuy> You’re getting really juicy thinking about
HornyGuy> my tounge brushing up against them
HornyGuy> I softly begin to touch your wet pussy
HornyGuy> I run my tounge down your smooth slit
ThaiGirl> mmmm yeah
HornyGuy> Uh oh… going limp
ThaiGirl> Har
HornyGuy> You have to do better than that
HornyGuy> Your photo was really bad
HornyGuy> Ahh much better
HornyGuy> Your pussy moistens with every stroke
HornyGuy> I softly suck on your clit
HornyGuy> bringing it in and out of my mouth
HornyGuy> Your juices run down my chin
HornyGuy> Your scent fills my nose
HornyGuy> I feel empowered by your femininity
ThaiGirl> mmmmmm u good
HornyGuy> I feel your thighs tighten as I suck
HornyGuy> Going limp
HornyGuy> Mmmm I grab your swelling buttocks
HornyGuy> You begin to sway back and forth
HornyGuy> Going limp
ThaiGirl> this stupid
HornyGuy> …still limp
HornyGuy> Do it!
HornyGuy> I turn you around to lick your arsehole
HornyGuy> and pry apart your massive butt-cheeks
HornyGuy> I see the hair around your arsehole
HornyGuy> covered in shit-nuggets
ThaiGirl> WTF?!?!?!
HornyGuy> They stink really bad
ThaiGirl> OMG STOP!!!
HornyGuy> I get fed up with your ugly fat butt
HornyGuy> I tear off your wooden peg-leg
HornyGuy> and ram it up your arse!
HornyGuy> Then I pour hot caramel over your head
HornyGuy> and turn you into a fucking toffee-apple
HornyGuy> You like it, you little Thai pirate slut!
HornyGuy> I kick you in the face
HornyGuy> Your parrot flys away
HornyGuy> …going limp again
HornyGuy> Hello?
HornyGuy> Say it!
>> ThaiGirl has left room #bangkokchat
HornyGuy> HAARRRRRR!!!!!

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