i’m all horny i think i got a horny pussy ye yep it’s been that way i
remember for a long time now i need to be fucked right hard and deep
i like the cock head to bring out all my pussy juice to it colects
around the bottom of your dick by your balls i also like you to lick
me clean i just love to have my pussy eating you should have some pie
some time i get exra wet when you fuck me any ways you want
And all wet for your cock I just want to have you lick me and get me
all wet then make me take all your dick really hard and really deep
while it throbs in my pussy i love cock i love dick i like to fuck it
all the time and then have it cum inside stick to my walles and fill
me up i love to have cock in my pussy in my ass all over me fucking
me deep and hard and fast and slow making my wet pussy cum and cum
and cum and cum
It’s christmas morning Im up late I can’t sleep i been up smoking
weed and drinking e and j all night so Im kinda tipsy santa came and
left some things but not really anything for me im horny plus coming
off my monthly so it’s really not a good time to be getting wet yeah
Im saposed to be retierd not fucking anymore guys but i still get
calls and take them when ever i feel like it It’s kinda like a
retirement plan so it’s ok alot of my clients gave me gifts this year
for me and my kids but i did not really give them anything but a
discont but it is the thought that counts I stoped hoeing cause i did
not like it anymore not the sex not the money just fucking guys with
wives started to make me sick exspecialy when they wont leave them
but want to fuck me recently i had to stop fucking one of my regulars
cause he had a wife and i had a crush on him but he wanted to fuck me
so i told him he can’t have me and his wife to he has to leave his
wife to fuck me he has to give me the total package he said he did
not want to leave his current setuation on a camble cause he did not
know if he was going to complete me so i decieded it was best if he
gave his money to someone else cause i did not want it without the
truck and house for some reson i wanted more and was not willing to
settle for less to me that is good cause im just a hooker but i have
standerds your not just going to fuck me and be with someone else if
i like you i think that is rude plus i would not do it to you unless
i was getting paid I got off on gay porn a few days ago it was ok
that was the first time i ever saw a guy get fucked up the ass by a
real dick i fucked a guy up the ass before the first time i did it i
saw shit said i would never do it again but i did cause the guy
offerd me 450 to do it and he did not want to fuck he wanted to jack
off while i fucked him i thought that was a good deal cause he was
not going to bang out my pussy so i did it i think he dushed before i
came over cause there was no shit on his witch was great cause the
first time i saw it it really fliped me out and made me self consious
cause i get fucked in the ass too not offten cause no one can aford
it but i would never want the guy to see shit while he is doing me
hell i get inbarest when my pussy gets air in it i am a verry clingy
person and i just relized it today cause i have never had to be i
quess but when i like a guy i could be a little stalker bitch call
you phone don’t say shit just to hear your voice send you come back
to me emails now i see why guys fuck hookers when they have wivesshit
if you get a clingy girl you wife might find out and take half of
everything cause this girl is clingly and wants to follow you home
and sit out side your house at night makeing crank calls it’s all
very silly what people do for love 2 pac said they try everything but
they don’t give up but i think that was an old song some one else
said that i just remember it coming out of his mouth a brain is a
terable thing to wast i have notised after smoking so much weed if i
pull the smoke threw my nose it gets me high in the front of my brain
and if i inhale threw my mouth it gets me high in the back i for one
prefer the frontal high cause i think those are newwer cells maybe
they burn quicker or somthing not sure i wish i has a cock in my
pussy right now fucking my hard making me cum fucking me standing up
carry me from one room to the next pounding my pussy in each hall way
licking my clit from the back while i smile from ear to ear yelling
merry christmas jack and happy new year

I wanted to be fucked to feel his throbing cock i wanted it to pound
the inside walls of my pussy getting me hott making me scream after
he ate me pussy and before he fucked my ass he sliped his dick in my
pussy and that was great he fucked me soft he fucked me hard he let
me grind my pussy on his dick all night long i was so horny so wet
then he came over and gave me some dick i thought it was nice i
thought it was SWEET now i should get fucked by you

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