Any time you are ready my friend, go ahead and feel free to pull the plug on my forum…….

If you could, make it sooner than later before I change my mind, I don’t want to stop myself from doing this…..

Having my own forum is only contributing to bringing in new guests to the MSC that I do not want or need. I am sick of feeling like I am just bringing the other girls money that should have been mine and it is ridiculuos. They did not do anything to deserve it. It is self promotion, if they want customers from the internet, they can post and get thier own, I don’t like them taking my guests. That happens, than I can’t and don’t make money…..and that is not how self promotion works…..I just know better than to do this to myself…

So any time your ready, give this albatros the boot, and hopefully I can get myself back to together and just take the pre made customers that came into the MSC on thier own without my having posted….Than I won’t feel like I did anything to contribute, which means I will have nothing to be so angry about when a guy doesn’t sit with me even though he should have……

Please delete the forum already……..

Not changing my mind this time….

So no need for it to stay up…..

But once again thank you for the honor and huge responsability of having my own forum. It was a priveledge to have gotton my own space here, and it was a lot of funnn before all this ugly stuff started happening to me in the club…


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