Review: Michelle is really cute. I like her personality and we have nice sessions. I guess I’m a regular with her now.I think she had some liposuction done in the past. There are some lipo scars by her gut.She needs to lose at least 20 pounds and she will look wonderful. She would not look good at a strip club – maybe she will fit in at Club Ante. She needs to cut down on the carbs and eat less. She described her last hefty meal to me and it made me hungry. We need to help her. She could have ate half of that meal and saved the other half for another meal. She stops drinking soda, that will really cut her weight.We can give her the exercise when we’re doing cowgirl with her.She’s a sweety and keeper. We need to help her slim down.

Looks: face 8, body 8

Attitude: 9

Service: 9 She’s a keeper

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