Here are some common terms and acronyms useful to the International Forum.  Prices in the following FAQ(s) should be in local currency. Use this website to convert to US dollars,
a go go = Thai strip club from which you can take ladies
BA = Buenos Aires
B = as in 200B; Baht; Thai currency
BF = barfine; the fee paid to the house to take a girl
BG = Bar girl
BKK = Bangkok International Airport; Bangkok
BTS = Bangkok Transit System; Skytrain in Bangkok similar to BART.
FAQ = Frequently asked questions
farang = (Thai language) white foreigner
fishbowl = the glass room the girls sit in to be chosen for massage
FKK = Frei Körper Kultur; German brothel / nudist club.
freelancer = working girl not associated with an establishment
GFE = Girlfriend Experience; a joke in the States
guest friendly = hotel/restaurant have no problem with bringing working girls there
HK = Hong Kong
joiner fee = hotel surcharge when bringing a guest back to your room.
katoey = (Thai language) transvestite (I believe it is supposed to mean post-OP)
ladyboy = transvestite (I believe it is supposed to mean pre-OP)
LOS = Land of Smiles; Thailand
LT = long time; taking a girl for the entire night
MRT = Mass Rail Transit; Singapore’s BART-like system
NEP = Nana Entertainment Plaza in Thailand
OT = Orchard Towers; “four floors of whores” in Singapore
RLD = Red Light District; area of town that has many working girls
SOP = Standard Operating Procedure
soapie/soapy = body to body massage; the girl lathers you up and uses her naked body to rub all over you
smoking bar = blow job bar; a bar where you can get a quickie blow job
ST = short time; taking the girl for a couple of hours
TGF = Thai Girlfriend
TJ = Tijuana
TR = Trip Report
UFB = Un-fucking believable; Thailand
ZoT = Zone of Tolerance; Area in Singapore where prostitution is legal

The reason I specified restaurant above is because a friend of mine was charged an additional 400baht, 200 for each girl, for bringing girls to a restaurant in Ploen Chit Center.

Please inbox me for more that are not in the RB FAQ or are common enough here that they should be mentioned in our FAQ. Also, inbox me with hotel information. Name, location, price, contact phone/web, guest friendly/joiner fee, lock box, extras like pool and gym. And maybe a brief description of what it was like for you, in other words, how you would rate it.

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