first of all I whould like to say that im proud to be a provider and i love my job!most of the men i come incounter
with are very pleased with my company how ever ther is a man
that was not so pleased.I personaly think that this person may be an emposture. my ex resently is trying to make mylife
as misserable as possible . as you can tell, my other reviews dont look like they should go with that one,that was just possted. if for some reason im rong about my usumption than i do sinserly appologise for the imprestion
I left with you. I would also like to ask that person to give me a second chance {on me} and you wont be dissapointed
the last thing i like to hear is someone didnt enjoy my company so much they feel the need to say im not worth it and & thow dirt on my name. so if your real lets talk maby i can change your mind! please give me a detail of the night so i cam make sure ive seen you


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